Tips on Things to Put in The Living Room to Make It Cosy

One of the craziest parts of having your own place is when you have to call the shots as to how things should be and what are the stuff that needs to be placed in certain places. Some prefer it to have the least number of things to be placed in all areas of the house as to not invite the anxiety of having a cluttered and disorganized home, while some actually prefer it to have more things and less space, especially for other who cannot take it to throw away things with emotional anchors on it.

Among many areas in the house it is actually quite easy to decide on the design and arrangement on almost all areas, except the living room. The living room is the place where you welcome visitors and it’s the first place you initially rest when you come home. Aside from the usual necessary stuff like the couch, the centre table and the media set, many people are still at lost on what are other things that they can offer to this place to make it more comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Here are some useful tips on what you can add to the living room:


To make the area less dull and warmer and more welcoming, one can place a neutral coloured carpet in the middle on the room, or it can be placed on the most convenient or comfortable part of the living room. Carpets can actually add a little more colour in the floor especially of the floor has a bland theme. By adding a carpet to the living room, one can break the monotony of the area plus it can play the role of a couch extension if you lack certain furniture.

Framed Pictures

On more super effective way to add more life to the living room is to utilize the spaces on the walls of the room. Often it actually is very plain when nothing is placed on the walls, that is why some people actually place wallpapers on their walls but somehow it fails to fill the vacuum of the space.

One can place pictures on the walls, not only does it make the place look good; it makes the house feel more of a home, especially with great pictures. Certificate frames or framed medals could also do the trick, it can actually divert visitor’s attention to specific spaces in the living room, and one can also brag about those mounted medals and certificates.


Aside from medals and trophies and family pictures one could opt for a more artistic piece of article in the living room, a painting. But one should be more careful in placing such things. One should choose paintings whose palate and colours compliment the theme, atmosphere, and tone of the living room. Oil paintings on canvass are great for bright coloured and well-lit living rooms. The paintings should also reflect on the personality of the house owner as it also becomes an extension of his persona.

Everything considered, one must follow what he likes and what his feelings wants to express in the living room because the owner spends more time in the house than the visitors.

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