Tips to Declutter Your Kitchen

Planning and organising the perfect kitchen will not be of use if you cannot keep it that way. In order to make sure your kitchen space stay neat as it was the first time you entered it, there are certain kitchen rules that you can follow. Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Keep Frequently Used Items Stored Close to You

When it comes to storing away your items, make sure to prioritise them in order to their frequency of use. For example, there really is not any use of having extra packets of spices in near your workstation and store your tea and coffee-making items somewhere that is harder to reach.

Instead store away the extra groceries and other items you rarely use and have the ones you need the most or use the most near you. You can have a small tea/ coffee-making station set up in one place; hang your spoons, knives and spatulas near your backsplash for easier access.

Don’t Hoard Items

Whether it is buying groceries or keeping extra storage jars and canisters, do not buy more than necessary. This will only make storage work a nightmare. Make a grocery list of items that you need and do not buy more than that. Do not collect all the plastic canisters you get one on the other in your pantry.

Get rid of the older or the broken ones. Store away extra cutlery and silverware only to retrieve them when guests arrive. If this too takes up too much space, get rid of these as well. You can always burrow from a friend or a neighbour in case you have a large gathering.

Label Your Containers

Labelling your storage containers and bottles always make it easier to find where your items are. Instead of sniffing your spice bottles to find what’s inside or opening all the boxes in your pantry to find your extra snacks, label them so you know exactly where your food and other ingredients are. Bottle labels and pantry labels are something that you can easily buy, get made in personalised styles or even make them yourself.  Labelling also add a little extra look to your kitchen giving it the appearance of the well-kept space.

Be Practical

Another way to ensure that your kitchen is clean and free of messes is to be practical with your storage. If there is a large box, store it underneath the smaller boxes. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, don’t just show it on top of other boxes unless you want all of them to come crashing down the next time you open the pantry doors. Store heavy items on a shelf below rather than on top shelves. If there are extra jars or storage boxes, store the smaller ones inside larger ones to save storage space.

If you follow these rules, then your kitchen will be free of clutter and you will have the perfect place to prepare your meals. Remember for a beautiful kitchen, it is not only the cleanliness that matter but also neat organisation of your items.

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