Tips to Prepare for a Romantic Date at Home

Dates do not have to be dinners at fancy restaurants all the time. Sometimes, a simple home cooked dinner added with the right kind of lighting and setup will provide the best romantic atmosphere. For those of you who’d love a simple stay-at-home dinner date, take a look at the following tips to see what you can do.

A Special Meal

You might be at home, but this does not mean that you have to resort to what you eat for dinner every day. You can go all the way and prepare a three-course meal if you love to take your date up a notch. Or you can make their favourite dish as a surprise. Try out a new recipe if you are feeling adventurous. If you feel a little nervous about a new meal, you can test it out before the dinner date to see if you can perfect it. But if cooking is not your forte, it is ok to order something new to try out on your date.

Presentation Matters

A dinner date has to be a little special than your everyday dinner. So, make sure to put a little effort when presenting your meals. Setup the table beautifully. Use your best dinner ware, flowers and some candles to add an elegant charm to the dinner table. You can even move you table to the window to get a better view from outside and make it feel like a real dinner outing – but with just the two of you.

Surprises are Always the Best

Surprising your loved one with a dinner date at home is something that never gets old when it comes to romancing. You can set up the house and wait for them to come home before surprising them. But you can also send them an invitation while at work for a little extra sweetness. It might not be the same as a dinner at a fancy restaurant, but it can certainly help you to spice things up.

Create the Vibe

Try to extend your preparations beyond the dinner table. There are several things you can add to create a romantic atmosphere. Candles and rose petals across the floor are one of the classic methods. Dimmed lights or fairy lights are always a good choice too. Adding some scented candles can help you create your own calm romantic haven. You can even try glasshouse candles or scent diffusers for this. Make a playlist with your favourite romantic tunes and let it play in the background.

Dress Up

Even if it is at home, dressing up a little will help you to get in the mood. Get your favourite date outfit ready. Get your partner to do the same. Even though you won’t be leaving the house, getting into a good outfit with your hair and makeup done can help you feel your best.

Once all these are setup, sit back and enjoy your romantic dinner. Let go of your mobile phones for a night and have the time of your life.

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