Types of Careers for Those Who Study Nursing

When we say nursing, most of us picture the traditional nurse image in a hospital. But what happens when you never get to work in a hospital? Don’t worry, this does not mean, you cannot follow your dream job. Take a look at the career options given below to see some of the other ways you can put your nursing education into good use.

Home health Aide

Home health aides is a position that allows you to visit your patients at home and help them with their health issues. Not every patient has the ability or the facilities to reach the hospitals, and in those instances the care and help of a home health aide becomes a necessity. This role involves taking care both physical and mental health of patients who are confined to their homes due to various reasons.

Nursing Assistant

Nursing assistant has the job to help nurses in various tasks, especially during critical moments. For nursing students this is one of the jobs you can try if you do not get into nursing but still want to consider it for future. Nursing assistants helps a nurse in almost every area giving them a thorough knowledge about the role of a nurse itself. This is a job that can be found in any facility that hires nurses like hospitals, schools and healthcare facilities.


A caregiver is a paid nurse or a helper who is tasked with taking care of a patient, a child or an elderly person. The job role of a caregiver includes providing physical and mental health needs to those under their care, providing them companionship, monitoring and reporting their changing health conditions etc. Qualifications such as an education in nursing or a certificate iii in aged care, you will be suitable for this position.

Dietician Aide/ Dietetic Aide

A dietetic aide is someone who works in the food preparation in healthcare facilities – from hospitals and schools to medical camps. Most patients have personalised meal plans or diet plans. Therefore, the job of a dietetic aide includes preparing food for the patients in their facility while minding the dietary restrictions and nutrients requirement of each of the patients.


Paramedic is a person who is trained to give emergency medical care to people who are ill or injured outside a hospital. Their role includes helping the patients until they reach a medical facility. They are the first responders in emergency situations and will examine the patients and treat those who need immediate medical attention. It is great job that will help you prepare for emergencies and train you to work under pressure.

For nursing students, there is always a demand from various healthcare facilities. This is because there are many numbers of job opportunities where their skills and education can be utilised in. So if you do not get to be a nurse, do not be so crestfallen because there are still ways that you can help people and do what you are good at doing.

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