Types of Kitchen Benchtops for Your Home

The kitchen or pantry is one of the most used places in the kitchen and due to the constant use the wear and tear is equally excessive. Unlike the rest of the house many people tend not to focus on how the kitchen looks.

However, with the new developments in kitchen furnishings, a nice kitchen is not impossible anymore. Benchtops are one of the easiest ways to improve how a kitchen looks. They can be made of different materials depending on what suits your house and kitchen. Here are different materials that can be used as countertops.

Natural stone

Natural stones involve a wide variety of stones. Marble is one of the most common types of natural stone used. Marble benchtops are found in different patterns and shades. Depending on what suits your kitchen you can opt for the black or white finish.

Marble needs to be continuously polished in order for it to retain the sheen and lustre. However, it is easy to maintain as it is water repellent and can be cleaned easily. The lighter shades of marble can be prone to staining and can sometimes-even chip or crack under heavy equipment.


Wooden benchtops are ideal for an old school appeal. Wood offers a classy and expensive finish. Using wooden is suitable if your house has wooden furnishings and overall wooden interior. Although Timber is a rather expensive material to use it comes with its benefits.

Timber lasts long with the right maintenance. However timber or wooden is prone to staining from liquids. The wood can become discoloured and will continuously need to be polished. You will have to bevery careful if you have timber benchtops, using timber is not suitable if you have kids, as maintenance can be difficult.


Porcelain is made out of powdered clay and coloured pigment that is blended together under very high temperatures. Since it is made out of coloured pigments, it can be made in different colours and finishes, it can be made for a matt or glossy texture and is resistant to heat.

Most porcelain benchtop ideal for a kitchen as they not only look great but are also practical. It can be used for outdoor as well as indoor. It costs similar to using natural stone but will also have the same installation costs.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is easily considered the least expensive material in comparison to all the other materials. Stainless steel does not look as appealing but is one of the most practical materials to use.

It is best suited for industrial kitchens or where there is a lot of use. It is easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel is prone to scratches from sharp materials. If you have a kitchen that gets messy easily stainless steel is one of the best options. Counter tops are an important decision as they are long-term investments and therefore should be installed depending on what best suits your kitchen and practicality.

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