Types Of Skateboards and Their Advantages

A skateboard is so much more than just a deck on wheels. While many take interest in skateboarding lately, very few understand that there are different types of skateboards present with unique functionality features.

Each of these skateboards are made to accommodate the variety of skating processes including the performance of tricks. As the skateboarding industry grew, so did their developments over time, resulting in many styles, shapes and sizes.

Skateboarding is indeed a fun and enjoyable sport. In order to do it right not only do you need practice and skills, but also a better knowledge on which skateboard is best for you. So, keep reading as we take a look at the different skateboards present, its purpose as well as the advantages they present.

The Longboard Skateboard

When we say longboard, we mean a skateboard that’s at least a good thirty-three inches long. Longboard skateboards are known to be one of the most classic skateboards of all time. They are skateboards that are faster and popular amongst many. You can check out longboard skateboards at Extreme Skates to get your hand on one! The advantages of a longboard skateboard are the fact that they’re beginner friendly and easy to balance with a larger riding platform. 

The Cruiser Skateboard

Although much similar to a longboard skateboard, cruiser skateboards are known to be comparatively portable due to being smaller in size. You also get mini-cruiser skateboards and as the name suggests it is simply a smaller version of a cruiser skateboard. While it is mostly opted for those who have skating skills, a cruiser skateboard offers an easier and smoother ride. If you’re a beginner looking to upgrade, then a cruiser board is a good way to go!

The Electric Skateboard

A much more modern twist on any classical skateboard. As the name suggests, an electric skateboard is one that is backed by electrical power using a small motor. It is used more for commuting purposes and comes in handy for those who head to work in a rush and need to avoid complications of traffic or parking spaces. Different electrical skateboards come with separate features such as some have handheld remote in order to accelerate or brake. 

The Double-Kick Skateboard

When it comes to performing tricks and skilful art of skating with a skateboard, then the most opted and recommended choice is the double-kick skateboard. Not only can you perform at street skating but also take your skating park experience up a notch. Double kick skateboards have the kick tails feature that allows for you to do the flip tricks. If you’re skateboarding less for transport and more for fun, then double-kick skateboards are the way to go!

The Carve Skateboard

A skateboard that is used by skateboard surfers is known as the carve board. The deck of a carve skateboard is much similar to that of a surfing board. Not only is it great for experts looking to enhance their skill but it is also portable and smooth.

Let us know which one you prefer!

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