Types of Wall Décor Ideas to Try at Home

If you have large and spacey walls that give an empty feeling at home, the best choice is to decorate them with some wall art. Wall art is not limited to getting someone to paint your wall anew or turning it into a contemporary graffiti wall. There are many other types of wall decoration ideas for you to choose from. Take a look at the following ideas to see what they are.

Photo Wall

Gone are the days of displaying your photos on a display shelf. Instead, many are turning towards the photo walls. Photo walls are created by hanging your framed photos on the wall as you would at a gallery display. You can get all the photos you wish to display printed and framed to the same size. Some even goes to the length of getting them all in black and white print to add a touch of minimalism to them. Either way, photo walls will save space and make your home looks trendy.

Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is not much different than a photo wall. But instead of your personal photos, you hang pictures and artwork that you have collected. This is the perfect place to display your work around the home if you are an artist – even an amateur one. Or you can use the beautiful portraits and landscapes you have collected over time. A gallery wall could hold any kind of art; from souvenirs you have bought on vacations to magazine art pages you have kept with you.

Create an Accent Wall

If you are someone who loves to add a personalised and cosy touch to your interior, this is an idea you can try. You can create an accent wall by using a bold colour to paint them, adding patterned wallpaper, or painting a design yourself. There are also other decorative items you can try such as creating a faux brick wall, drawing graffiti yourself or stencilling a design. If you are fan of DIY work and have a talent for crafts, this is the perfect project for you.

Fabric Display

Add a touch of bohemian design to your interior space by showcasing a beautiful fabric on your wall. Tapestries, wall hangers, or even murals are good for this type of decoration. Colourful, patterned fabrics are always a bright and eye-catching addition. Especially if you are looking for a statement décor to add to your living room or a special touch for your bedroom, try one of these.


Want to add a spacey look to your room? Add a couple of mirrors. Mirrors are the perfect piece of both decoration and functionality. With an oversized mirror, you can add a brighter look to any space as they reflect light. Or you can add a couple of smaller mirrors for this too. Mirrors also come in various designs – minimalist contemporary frames or intricate designs that would look heavy but decorative. You can choose whichever design fit your home space the best.


Wall art never goes out of style. Whether you are choosing a contemporary or modern art piece or a beautifully drawn landscape, they will always bring a touch of sophistication to your home. If you are looking for collections to choose from, you can try Michael Taylor artwork in Australia. You can also get bespoke art to fit the rest of your interior decoration.

The types of decoration you can add to your walls are endless. Think carefully of the type that would fit well with the rest of the design in your home before you choose a type of wall decoration.

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