Understanding Domain and Hosting

The terms domain and hosting are used together most of the time and if you are new to the creating of websites, this terminology can be a bit confusing. While both of these elements are used to create a website, they are not the same thing. The confusion stems from the fact that most of the time, the same provider will offer both services.

A domain name is the address of your website that people will use to access it. This will be typed into the URL bar of the browser when the visitor wants to access the website. Registering a domain name is the first step in creating a website. It is best to do this at the very beginning so that your domain name doesn’t get taken by another party. Domain parking is used at the initial stages by most websites. If you are wondering what is domain parking, it is when you register the domain name without linking it to a web hosting service or an email hosting service. It will be reserved till your website is fully developed so that you can link them together finally. All domains are unique and no two businesses can use the same name.

Web hosting is where you store the content files needed for your website. This is where your website lives, basically. You can think about the hosting server as the house for your website and the address for your website will be the domain name. You can register the domain name with a domain registrar company. You will need to renew it every year for continued use. You can then look at different web hosting providers and select a plan that agrees with your requirements. There are different types of web hosting that you can go for depending on your website requirements and budget. There is shared hosting, dedicated hosting, virtual private hosting, cloud hosting services etc. You need to think about the security and performance of the website when you are selecting a type. This hosting plan is linked to the domain name and you can add content to the website whether it is text, video, audio etc. through different software. You will be able to buy a domain and a hosting account from a single company or you can buy from different companies.

It will be easier when you are using one company for both as they can respond to issues much faster and the set up process is more simplified. Some web hosting services will include the domain name as a free facility in order to get more customers. But there are some drawbacks when you are using the same provider for both services. If anything goes wrong with the web hosting service, you will still have the domain name under your control. So you need to think about the reliability and professionalism of the web hosting service when you are considering buying a domain name from them. You can check for the flexibility and versatility of the services provided by the web host and the positive feedback from their customers when looking at this option.

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