What Are Some Activities to Enhance Early Child Development?

If you remember back when you were a child, there would be certain activities that you did that have helped you to this day. Things that create an interest resulting in the field of work you are in today, skills you acquired and of course further learning. The activities you do as a child have the potential to shape your brain, thinking habits and level of development more than we already know.

However, in recent times there has been increased attention toward early child development as there has been a sharp rise in autism and other related disorders. Although now with the recent improvements in technology and healthcare there are plenty of activities and tests that can be carried out to assess and develop children’s brain development from a young age. Here are some recommended ways of doing so.

Splash and dash

Water related activities are a great way to increase body mobility and brain development at any age but are vital for early child development. This can range from swimming to water activities such as find and retrieving toys from a pool or something as simple as using water colours.

Kids enjoy making a mess and while it can be daunting to continually have to keep tidying up the experience is vital for them. Let them sort out or organize their toys or splash around in a pool as this helps to strength mobility and movement and teaches them skills such as learning to stay afloat and how to control breathing while being underwater.

Help them communicate

Children can pick up almost 5 languages at this stage in their lives as they are able to absorb and understand much faster than adults. In order to improve this, making kids read and communicate is the best way to help brain recollection. Professionals such as brain train’s physiotherapists can nurture these skills as the child gets older.

Reading to them and getting them to read should not be neglected as sometimes parents find it easier to hand them a device to keep them occupied during busy schedules. However, it is important to take the time required to physically read to them so they grow up with the ability such as self- studying and understanding texts.

Building blocks and DIY toys

How much did you love toys that needed to be assembled before being used to play? While some of them were easy to read and build the smaller components had us stuck for days until a parent helped us out. Some parents may think that this is a daunting task for their child and they can get upset when their child cannot figure it out.

It is important to give them all the time they need as the continuous thinking and experimenting of where each component can fit helps improve their fine motor skills. While learning these skills they are able to make smarted decisions and use cognitive development each time.

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