What Is A Wedding Garter?

Wedding is a joyous ceremony and there are many traditions that come with it, in the past the events that have been introduced as tradition were carried due to some significance at their times and although some might see no reason to carry it, they are there to honour the past. Different cultures and countries have different traditions.

One such tradition that is followed is the wedding garter, some people don’t tend to embrace this tradition because they find it cringey whereas in some parts of the world this is still carried out.

Wedding garters

The wedding garter or the bridal garter is lingerie worn by the bride beneath her bridal dress. It’s usually worn on the leg and the groom during the reception has to remove this piece of clothing with his teeth or hand and throw it into the crowd and the bachelor that catches this is believed to be the one that is getting married next. This is somewhat similar to the tossing of bouquet.

History of wedding garter

The tradition of wedding garter dates back to the dark ages, the guests would tag along with the bride and groom to their bedroom to make sure they went in safe and to get a piece of the brides clothing as a sign of good luck. This tradition over the years progressed and stands as what it is today.

Who gets the wedding garter?

There is no concrete rule as to who gets the wedding garter. Even a friend can get it to the bride as a bridal shower gift. If the bride wants to pick her own garter there is no problem with that too, she can get a one of her preference.

How much does it cost?

How much a garter cost would vary upon the design, a simple one is not that expensive but the more ornate the design is the more expensive it is going to get.

What are the of styles of a garter?

Garter comes in different colours and design and even different materials, they come in satin band or a lace band. In most cases the bride goes for the white coloured garter but you can choose any colour that you like. They come with different styles too with bow, rhinestones, sequins or beads even.

When placing order for the garter do so before hand especially if you want a customized one and try it on before you walk down the aisle, to see if it is comfortable with you or not.

Where is it worn?

The leg in which the garter is worn doesn’t matter, it is usually worn above the knee, if you are wearing a tight-fitting dress then you can wear it a little below.

Do you have to wear it all day?

Whether or not you are going to throw the garter you can keep it on for the entire day for the sake of being comfortable go for a style that is soft.

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