What Makes A Good Contact Tracing App?

Since the global pandemic, the government and other authorities have been implementing numerous strict standard procedures and protocol to curb the rising number of patients that have contracted the virus. Businesses that cater to a lot of people have been imposed with more rigid guidelines to ensure that they are complying with the rules on how to handle surges of customers.

One of these guidelines is that the business venues must have an effective contact tracing app if and when there is potential Covid-19 exposure.

It focuses on the visitors’ privacy

Keeping the visitors’ privacy is essential when it comes to dealing with exposure to the virus. There could be stigma and people who contracted the virus would not want their friends and family to know because this might just cause them to worry, especially those who are living overseas or in another city away from their loved ones.

This is why a tracing app that focuses on the visitors’ privacy is important. A visitor registration app for contract tracing would also capture the visitor’s data. This should only be accessed by the business and or local authorities if and when the need arises. A contact tracing app that ensures the visitor’s details are kept confidential would ensure the guests’ cooperation in providing their details.

It provides easy registration

When we go outside to eat, we all just want to have a good time and to forget about the other things that cause us to worry. We don’t want anything or anyone to disturb us when we are trying to enjoy ourselves. But, because of the global pandemic and all the rules and regulations enforced, we need to adhere to several decrees that could hamper our desire to have a good time while eating out.

We could not eat at one table if we are a large group, we have to wear our face masks if we are done eating and we also have to register so the business venue could contact us in case we were exposed to another customer or a server that tested positive to the virus.

This is upsetting but we have to do our part in making sure that we are not added to the statistics of people who got sick. Fortunately, visitor registration apps that business venues use provides easy registration. Guests need only to scan the QR code to register, although these venues also provide a manual method for the guests to register in case their smartphones’ batteries are drained or they forgot theirs at home.

It saves health screening data

Visitor registration app that saves health screening data would make it easier for contact tracing since all the data would only be in one place. Seeing the results of the visitors’ health screen tests would make it easier for health officials and local authorities to see who could be more at risk of contracting the virus based on their body temperature when they stepped inside the venue.

A good visitor registration app must also be cloud based to make sure the data is constantly backed up and the possibility of losing data is unlikely. An app that also runs on iOS and Android system is ideal.

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