What to Consider When Buying a Bull Bar?

There are different types of bullbars that are available for different requirements and driving conditions whether it is for off-road driving or city driving. A bullbar is fixed to the front of the vehicle for its protection in the case of animal collisions or attacks. Generally, many Australian vehicles will have bullbars installed as kangaroo attacks is a real possibility.

A jeep bull bar can be made out of different materials like steel, plastic, synthetic materials or aluminium. Traditionally, bullbars were made of heavy steel and most owners prefer steel bullbars to this day especially when there is a high chance of animal collisions. But there is a significant drawback as they can be very heavy and it can result in uneven weight distribution of the vehicle. It can put a strain on the vehicle and affect fuel economy and your tyres will experience more wear as well.

This is the reason for the creation of aluminium bullbars as they come close to the strength of a steel bullbar while being half the weight of one. So there is a very noticeable advantage. However, aluminium bullbars are a lot more expensive than all other options in the market. If you are concerned about driving in the city only, then a plastic bullbar will be a good fit for you as it is light and pedestrian-friendly.

Before you select a bullbar for your vehicle, you need to check whether the bullbar is fully welded and whether it can take a winch. A winch comes in useful when you need your vehicle to be towed after getting stuck. Modern bullbars will come compatible with winch brackets which will allow you to mount a winch if necessary. You need to think about the thickness of the material and check the tensile rating for the bullbar. If you have certain accessories, you need to check whether they can be mounted onto the bullbar you are thinking of purchasing.

There are different finish options and style options for bullbars as well. There are polished, powder-coated etc. bullbars and this will depend on your preference for the aesthetics of the vehicle as well. The style of the bullbar can be chosen according to the level of protection you are looking for and where you are driving. For example, there are different bullbars that allow for more lights and such when you are going for off-road competitions.

You should check with the manufacturer about the guarantee for the bullbar and what is covered under the guarantee. Some bullbars will come with lights so if this is a requirement, you need to inquire from your supplier when narrowing down your options. You can also check whether the bullbar provides recovery points and whether integral bash plates are included to provide you with a higher degree of protection in rough conditions.

Another factor you need to look at is whether the bullbar improves the appearance of your vehicle. The approach angle is another key factor to look at when purchasing the bullbar. You need to make sure that you get a maximum approach angle once you fit the bullbar.

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