What to Know About Cantilever Pallet Racking?

There are different types of pallet racking systems and cantilever racking is one of these. It is used to store long and unwieldy items such as steel tubes, drain pipes, rolls of carpet, steel trusses, long pieces of timber etc. This storage system has an open design which allows these items to be stored more easily. Other pallet racking systems will not be able to accommodate these lengths sufficiently.

The long items can be stored horizontally and not only pipes; you can also store furniture using a cantilever rack. The beams in this rack are anchored at one end only. So there are no supporting columns on the front end. This creates more clear space underneath the beam and allows you to store more items. You can also have this system installed outside or inside a warehouse depending on the nature of the items that you are storing. For example, if you are storing fast-moving items that are resistant to the elements, you can easily store them outside. One example of this is plastic tubing that will not be damaged in cold or hot conditions. You can erect a canopy for protection if required. And there can be cladding installed at the two ends.

You can fix cantilevered racking against a wall. There is also double-sided racking when you can access products from both sides. You can also select fixed or variable arms depending on the variety of items you’re storing. As the arms are connected to the vertical supports at only one point, there is a limit to the length of the arm. When the arm is longer, the strength of the racking reduces. So the width of the cantilever racking is narrower when compared to other options which will require you to install more rows of this racking.

You may have seen cantilevered constructions such as bridges and this cantilever racking also follows the same principles. You need strong steel beams to manufacture this type of racking. There are vertical supports at the back of the racking system that is connected using linear braces. The arms of the cantilevered racking are projected from the vertical supports and these arms support the items that are stored. There is a base to this system which can be fixed to the ground as well.

To increase the strength of the racking system, you will need to have shorter spaces between the bracing pieces. This way, you can go for a greater height safely. Because there are no vertical end sections in this type of racking, the available storage space is not interrupted and therefore you can store items that have a great length. You can easily load and unload items.

A standard fork truck can be used to load and unload the cantilevered racking. If you want to reduce the aisle widths, you can select fork trucks where you can carry out side loading. There is a lot of flexibility in this system and there are many configurations that you can use with it depending on your requirements. It is very easy to install this racking and you can also change the configurations if your requirements change later. So it is very versatile. You can increase stock accessibility for bulky and unwieldy items. This will reduce handling times considerably increasing the efficiency of the operation.

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