What to Know About Vehicle Air Filters?

Air filters are located in the air intake system of vehicles and their role is to capture any dust or debris that comes in so that no damage is done to the internal components of the engine. These air filters are made of different materials such as paper and cotton and they need to be replaced for routine maintenance. Generally, paper air filters are more commonly used.

When you take your car in for a repair or to change oil, the mechanic can check the air filter car to get an idea of its conditions and whether it needs to be replaced. There are also cabin air filters that are used in later vehicle models that can catch any dust or allergens that can accumulate in the air conditioning system, ventilation, and heating systems of the vehicle. However, these will need more frequent replacements than the air filters. A common question is how often you need to change air filters in a car.

When an air filter accumulates a certain amount of dust, there comes a point where the airflow to the engine can become limited and therefore affects engine function. It is different for each car because vehicle owners differ in their frequency of driving and locations where the car is driven. Generally, it is best to check the air filter once a year. But you need to consider the environmental condition of where you live as well. If you live in an area that has high dust conditions, it is best to check the filter more often to ensure that nothing damages the engine.

When the engine doesn’t get enough air as a result of a clogged air filter, it can slow the acceleration of the vehicle. Air filters are not very expensive so you can comfortably replace them each year to ensure that your vehicle performance is at a high level. Depending on the model and make of the car, the manufacturer will specify a certain mileage after which the air filter will require a change.

The physical appearance of the air filter can give some indication of whether it is time for a replacement. This is when you see black areas on the areas of the filter where outside air enters it. You can check the owner’s manual to get an idea of where the ait filters are located so that you can check the condition. If the appearance is not sufficient to make a call, you can consider whether you have travelled 30,000 miles. In certain cases depending on the quality of the air filter, you will be able to use it for more than two years.

There are many benefits of replacing a clogged air filter. You will be able to increase fuel efficiency of the vehicle and thereby improve acceleration. When there is reduced air entering the engine because of trapped dirt in the air filter, it can pollute the spark plugs. This will increase deposits on the engine and you will get an indication for “service engine” on the dashboard. The imbalance of air and fuel in the vehicle can contribute to environmental pollution because the vehicle will produce emissions.

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