When to Tag and Test Your Electrical Equipment

Testing and tagging electrical equipment in the workplace is required by law for all businesses and this will ensure the safety of the workplace as well. This is something that can be done by a licensed electrician and there are companies that specialise in doing this so that you can comply with the regulations that are set by the state.

The danger of equipment that are not inspected regularly is that there can be damage to the equipment that could be prevented in the first place and it can protect a staff member from getting injured as well. Even in a general office environment, there are so many equipment that are in use such as computers, printers, photocopiers, microwaves, electrical kettles etc. that you need to make sure are working safely. There are different workplace conditions and types and the frequency of testing will depend on this factor. You can also contact the company to get an idea of the frequency of stay safe compliance testing depending on the type of your business. There are standards that are set by the state that will give you an idea of this but you will need to scrutinise your place of work and the type of equipment you have to get a better idea of the situation.

There is a variety of electrical tools that are used in construction sites and you need to test these frequently to ensure the safety of workers at the site. Because there are hard conditions in construction sites such as dust and debris that can accumulate very easily, you need to test equipment once every three months. There is a higher chance of equipment failure because of the type of environment they are in. This is beneficial for you as an employer as well because unexpected repairs and breakdowns can halt construction and there by increase the cost. There are also specialised electrical equipment that you can find in factories and workshops that require routine testing such as extension leads, forklift chargers etc. as they are used on a daily basis. This is heavy use as well so there is a higher chance for equipment failure. Factories run operations round the clock and it can be difficult to switch off some equipment so you will need clamp testing to ensure that the machinery is working in good condition.

There are also workplace environments such as laboratories, offices, and health care institutions etc. that have high moisture and dust conditions. The equipment can also be overused leading to potential failure. It is not just heavy equipment and machinery that should be tested; you need to inspect computers, printers etc. as well. These are busy workplace environments so you need to give priority to testing to make sure that operations are not affected by malfunctioning equipment. You also need to ensure employee safety. Environments that are free of dust and moisture such as server rooms should be inspected for electrical equipment testing every five years. You need to make sure that you have a qualified professional to carry out testing and tagging so that you can catch all potential issues and provide solutions to them.

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