Whistleblowing: Building a fair corporate world

What is Whistleblowing?

When it comes to being a whistle-blower, the definition may vary but the most common definition is that it is a person in the corporate world who shares information about a company or organization which is related to any misconduct such as frauds, illegal acts, racial discrimination, sexual assault/ harassment, unfair business environments or facilities.

An example of such a whistle-blower would be an employee of a company or government organization. This employee is allowed to report or make a complaint in the event of a wrongdoing in the company but only according to its policy and procedures in terms of whistleblowing.

The importance of a whistle-blower policy

Often in most work environments, employees and other staff members tend to feel the need to bottle up on talking about any unfair business practices taking places. This usually happens when a business fails to make sure the employees know that they are in a speak-up culture and that it is a safe and fair environment where they can talk about any unfair business activities. Having such a policy helps keep all business issues within the business or organization and maintains a healthy bond as there is proper communication within the business. This is why all businesses should have a whistlesblowers hotline.

How is the Whistleblowing hotline beneficial?

There are many benefits for a business or organization when it has a whistle-blower hotline but here’s a few. Confidentiality, Support and Business improvements with misconduct.

Firstly confidentiality, this means that whatever the issue is that an employee is facing in a business, having a whistle-blower hotline ensures that whatever the employee talks about will be kept private and confidential without causing any scene in front of other staff members. This way employees would feel safe to even talk about delicate matters like sexual harassment or racial discrimination.

Secondly support, having a whistleblowing hotline shows how much you are willing to support the employee and hear them out. Supporting your employees keeps the staff motivated to work and keep them happy which then increases productivity in the workplace and maintains business efficiency. Supporting employees also builds a better image for a business or organization as it shows that they maintain a fair a healthy work surrounding.

And finally, business improvements with misconduct, this means that having a whistle-blower hotline brings in all kinds of reports in terms of wrongdoings in the workplace. This not only helps reduce any workplace misconducts but also helps the business grow as they take note of all possible unfair practices in the workplace and find solutions. In result, the business will have fewer or none of the issues reported as they can take measure carefully to avoid the same situations and maintain that fair business environment.

In conclusion, whistleblowing is an important and vital process, and all business must follow it in order to maintain a fair business environment and make sure that all employees are motivated to work in that business or organization. A whistleblowing hotline not only helps a business grow and helps follow fair business practices, but it also is the first step into building a fair corporate world towards the future for generations to come.

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