Why Should You Send Out Handwritten Cards?

Technology brought us convenience but, it also made a lot of things obsolete. One of these things is the practice of sending out handwritten cards. People now think that sending a text message, or an email or a message in the various platforms of social media is an acceptable way of communication. Besides, who’s got the time and resources to sit in a table and chair and write legibly on a card and envelope to thank someone?

All of the above-mentioned modern ways of communication would suffice. But if you truly want to go the extra mile, send out handwritten cards. Other reasons as to why you should send out handwritten cards include:

Handwritten cards are more personal

Imagine you would be at the receiving end of a handwritten card, what would you feel? Would you feel appreciated? Won’t you feel lucky and blessed to have someone in your life take time out of their busy lives just to pen you a handwritten note on luxury note cards? If you want the important people in your life to feel the same, write and send out more cards even if there are no occasions.

Handwritten cards are more impressionable

We tend to forget out an email as soon as we read its content. Often times, we immediately delete it so as to save some space in our inbox. But a handwritten card sent even for a “just because” reason has a higher chance and probability of being saved and kept in a box of memorabilia or put on display in the refrigerator. If what we aspire is to inspire, handwritten cards are the way to go since they are very rare these modern times.

Handwritten cards make you stand out

Imagine you are courting someone being courted by several others too, or imagine you were interviewed for a job with other suitable applicants. How would you stand out from the rest? You could be different from the rest of your competition by sending out a handwritten love letter to the person you are courting or a handwritten thank you note to your interviewer for meeting with you.

Of course, the cards would not guarantee that your romantic interest would agree to have a relationship with you or that you would get the job but at least, you’d made a mark with them and who knows maybe the interviewer would recommend you to a better position or the person who received your handwritten love letter would be your matchmaker with someone more compatible with you.

Writing handwritten cards is also good for you

Receiving handwritten cards is gratifying but writing one is also beneficial for you. You get to exercise your creativity and would positively impact your mental health.

Advancement in technology is more than okay but we should not forget some of our old ways. Writing handwritten cards is included in that and it’s about time we bring back this outdated but certainly not out of style method of communication.

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