Why Travel Insurance is A Must-Have

Travel insurance can seem to be a cumbersome and needless item on your pre-travel to-do list – so why waste money covering yourself against a holiday tragedy that may never occur? However, costly holiday accidents such as cancellation, emergency situations, or missing belongings may occur at any time, whether you’re visiting Europe for a long weekend or traveling around the world for two years. That is why travel insurance is such an important investment to make before you start embarking on a journey.

We have identified the main parts below to ensure you recognize the real benefits of a travel insurance plan.


When buying a Single Trip policy, this portion of cover starts the moment you pay your fee, and when purchasing a Multi Trip policy, it begins the day you pick. Cancellation insurance will pay for pre-paid expenses such as lodging, transportation, and car rental that you cannot reimburse from any other source (such as your tour operator) if you are unable to go on your vacation.

Emergency Repatriation and Medical Expenses

Injury or disease is inconvenient enough at the best of times, but imagine seeking emergency medical services overseas – you will not be able to interact with physicians and would almost definitely have to pay for your treatment. This is where the hospital bills will assist you, as you usually can allow emergency medical costs up to $10,000,000 on certain policies, including the cost of returning back to your country if medically necessary.

Personal Belongings, Passports, And Electronic Devices

Some of the most popular and inconvenient holiday mishaps include personal belongings, such as delayed luggage, missing passports, and damaged electronics. These policy sections cover the costs of these issues. But you must review the coverage to ensure that the annual travel insurance limits are appropriate to cover what you are bringing abroad. If you want gadget coverage, make sure it is included as usual on your preferred policy; otherwise, you can add it as an addition on the quote process’s options tab.

Activity Cover

When we’re gone, most of us will partake in events ranging from jet skiing and snow sports to sky diving and bungee jumping. You must ensure that you are properly compensated for these actions; otherwise, you will face costly bills if you are injured while participating. 

Legal Advice

Many of our policies have a section devoted to legal cover and guidance in case you need to pursue legal advice and guidance to your trip, or whether you need assistance making a legal claim in regard to your trip. Some insurance companies work with legal staff to provide you with proper legal advice related to your trip.

Personal Accident

Thinking that something will go wrong on your trip isn’t the most pleasant pre-trip issue, but it’s essential that your travel insurance covers accidental death and disability coverage, which will pay a fixed payout if you die or become severely injured as a result of an accident while on your trip.

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